Discord Engagement Extravaganza

Embark on an exhilarating journey with KridaFans, the nexus where fantasy football meets skill-based rarity. In this article, we unveil a monthly extravaganza designed to heighten engagement and foster community spirit. Dive deep into the campaign details, performance indicators, and participation rules that pave the way for an enriching experience. Gear up to be part of a revolution in the world of fantasy football, only at KridaFans.

1. A Brief Introduction to KridaFans

KridaFans stands as a revolutionary platform in the dynamic world of fantasy football, offering a unique blend of thrill and strategy for football enthusiasts globally. By integrating a skill-based rarity system, it takes the fantasy football experience to unprecedented heights. At KridaFans, every Premier League season transforms into a bustling hub of excitement, where fans can witness the PL actions unfold right on our platform. It's not just a game, but a community where skills meet passion, and everyday fans can evolve into pundits, strategizing and competing with peers from around the world.

2. Campaign Overview

Welcome to the KridaFans Discord Engagement Extravaganza, a thrilling 30-day adventure where the community comes alive in the spirit of camaraderie and football fervor. Here's a snapshot of what's in store:

Rewarding Experience:

Immerse yourself in a month-long campaign with the opportunity to win a share of the $50 total reward pool. The top five active and engaging participants will walk away with a neat $10 each, adding a golden touch to their KridaFans journey.


Mark your calendars for a monthly engagement spree that promises excitement, learning, and an ever-growing sense of community. Gear up for 30 days of non-stop football dialogue, insights, and a splash of friendly competition.

Reward Distribution:

Stay ahead in the game by consistently engaging in the community. Your efforts and active participation will not go unnoticed as we aim to reward the crème de la crème of the KridaFans community. The reward distribution will be conducted diligently, ensuring the deserving participants receive their due accolades by October 15.

3. Campaign Components

Discord Engagement Campaign

This segment is the heartbeat of the engagement extravaganza. Here's what it entails:

  • Dynamic Discussions: Dive deep into the world of Fantasy Football and the Premier League season as it unfolds on the KridaFans platform. Share your insights, predictions, and viewpoints while learning from fellow enthusiasts. Engage in vibrant discussions and foster a community where every opinion is valued.
  • Community Building: Be a community champion! Invite new members to join the discord server, and take part in community sessions and events. Your efforts to grow and nourish the community won't go unnoticed.
  • Social Media Buzz: Extend the conversation to social platforms. Share your thoughts, engage with posts, and create a buzz that resonates with the spirit of the KridaFans community.

Key Performance Indicators (KPIs):

  • Active Participation: The primary goal is to stir up the engagement levels within our Discord community. Every interaction counts!
  • Cross-Platform Engagement: Besides fostering activity on Discord, we aim to boost overall engagement levels across various platforms to create a cohesive and interactive KridaFans experience.

4. Rules of Engagement

Participation comes with a set of rules to ensure a fair and respectful environment. Here are the guidelines to keep in mind:

  • Daily Engagement: Make sure to actively participate every day throughout the campaign, making the community lively and interactive.
  • Quality Engagements: Ensure your engagements are of high quality, revolving around football-related topics, fostering a richer and deeper discussion.
  • Combined Performance Evaluation: Rewards will be distributed based on the cumulative performance in Discord invite tasks and active participation in the designated "#chit-chat" channel.
  • Compliance with Community Rules: Participants are expected to adhere to the guidelines set by the KridaFans community. Any violations of the community rules will not only risk disqualification but also incur a penalty of -5 XP points per violation. Moderators react to these messages with 🚫 emoji.

KridaFans reserves the right to take necessary actions to ensure the integrity and health of the community is maintained.

5. Additional Information

Boost Your Performance with Booster Bonus:

  • Earn 5 extra XP points for each new invite to the Discord community. Keep a close eye on the announcement channel for special tasks to earn more XP points.
  • Points Distribution: Gain 5 additional XP points for free users and a whopping 10 XP points for paid entries on game.krida.fans.

Proof of Participation & Final Evaluation:

  • Submit your proof of participation through a Google form by the end of the month.
  • The top 10 rankers can check their standings in the "#discord_leaderboard" Channel and submit their entries.
  • Post submission, a comprehensive evaluation will take place to finalize the top 5 winners based on their combined performance in various tasks.
  • Winners will be announced and rewarded by October 15th.

What Next?

Ready to elevate your KridaFans experience? Dive into vibrant discussions and seize the opportunity to win exciting rewards in our Discord community. Join the KridaFans Discord Engagement Extravaganza now, where your passion meets our platform's unique skill-based rarity system. Let the games begin!

About KridaFans:

KridaFans is a pioneering fantasy soccer platform that rewards users based on their performance through a unique skill-based rarity of player cards, or NFTs. This innovative approach ensures a fair playing field and sets KridaFans apart in the industry.
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