KridaFans and IndiGG — An Exciting New Fantasy Football Partnership

KridaFans and IndiGG — An Exciting New Fantasy Football Partnership

KridaFans, a next-generation fantasy football platform, and IndiGG, the largest Indian gaming guild partner, announced today the creation of an exciting and innovative partnership.

This partnership provides football fans with a fantastic opportunity to test their football knowledge and compete for some amazing prizes. Fans can join these tournaments, create custom leagues, and get timely updates. They can also join our special fantasy football chat to interact with each other and celebrate their wins.

Through this partnership, KridaFans and IndiGG will provide a laser-focused and data-driven fantasy football experience to thousands of football fans across India. The partnership will enable KridaFans to leverage IndiGG’s large community of gamers, allowing fans of all levels to challenge each other in an exciting and engaging fantasy football experience.

At KridaFans we believe in providing football fans with the most engaging user experience and this collaboration is one such endeavor. We look forward to having a memorable experience together, this football season.

IndiGG x KridaFans League

College Tournaments

IndiGG will be hosting 40 tournaments across 20 colleges in India. Each of these tournaments will come with an enticing prize pool for college students.

Major Leagues

IndiGG will soon be announcing central tournaments for KridaFans. Expect a massive prize pool attached to this league.

How to participate in the tournaments?

  • Join the IndiGG College Program and participate in your college’s KridaFans League.
  • To participate in the central tournaments stay tuned over socials of IndiGG and KridaFans for the announcements with steps on how to participate.

Tournament Format

  • All KridaFans tournaments will be hosted inside the game through a leaderboard format.
  • Participate in the tournaments through League Codes provided by College Titans or IndiGG.
  • Keep playing to climb up the leaderboards and be victorious

So head over to KridaFans and start playing the leagues hosted, win those prizes, and join the fantasy football movement.

About KridaFans:
Own Your Fantasy Football Luck at KridaFans. For the first time, users will have the power to influence the rarity of player cards, not the platform. It is the world’s first fantasy football platform that let you earn in multiple ways based on how well you play.
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About IndiGG:
IndiGG is building the world’s largest Web3 gaming DAO centered in India. We’re onboarding the 500M+ gamers of India to the Web3 gaming ecosystem and enabling earnings for the DAO members. We do this by partnering with the best gaming studios and developers globally, thereby increasing their success probability by creating relevant micro-communities.
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