FIFA WorldCup Fantasy Football

KridaFans WorldCup Fantasy Football is a new game that you can play and win prizes. The rules are simple: you have to pick 15 players from one team, who will score the most points in each match.
You can find here more about Rules.

Fifa Worldcup fantasy football will be played in 8 rounds on KridaFans, Group Matches contain 3 rounds, then Round 16, Quarterfinal, Semifinal, 3rd place, and Final.

The total prize pool for FIFA World Cup Fantasy Football is $5000. You can win prizes for the most points at the end of each round.

The prize pool will be divided among the top 50 players with the highest points in each round. You can play your fantasy football team only once per round, but you can change it before the next round starts. You can find the distribution here.

The Schedule of the FIFA World Cup Fantasy Football Tournament can be found as follows:

Schedule of WorldCup Tournament on KridaFans

Sign up today and take part in the most exciting fantasy football tournament on the internet! Play against your friends or rival managers from around the world. Improve your chances of winning by forming a syndicate, or an alliance with other managers to stack the odds in your favor!

About KridaFans:

KridaFans is decentralizing the fantasy sports world using Polygon as a blockchain partner. It is building the world’s first-ever fantasy football with NFTs having skill-based scarcity.

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