As we conclude another exciting Premier League season on KridaFans, it's time to reflect on the significant milestones, user achievements, and the platform's growth. This season, KridaFans has continued to evolve, providing an engaging and rewarding experience for all its users. Here’s a comprehensive recap of the 2023-24 Premier League season at KridaFans.


KridaFans is a unique fantasy football platform where your passion for football, strategic insights, and community engagement translate into real rewards. Our mission is to disrupt the traditional single method of earning in fantasy sports by offering multiple avenues for real rewards, ensuring fair competition for all users, whether early joiners or late entrants.

The Premier League season, a key feature of KridaFans, runs for the majority of the year, enabling deep engagement with Premier League fans. This long-running competition allows us to conduct various small experiments and refine our platform gameweek by gameweek, enhancing the user experience and fostering continuous growth and engagement throughout the season.

Platform Growth and Community Success

This season, KridaFans witnessed remarkable growth and engagement, reflecting the platform's evolving appeal and functionality.

User Growth and Active Users

Total User Growth Chart

During the Premier League season, 532 new users joined KridaFans, bringing the total user base to 3,459. This influx highlights the growing interest and engagement within the KridaFans community. 

On average, approximately 80 users were actively participating in each gameweek, showcasing a strong retention rate and consistent user involvement throughout the season.

Transaction and Trading Volume

​Transaction and Trading Volume Over Time

The transaction count saw a significant increase, totaling 1,058 transactions for the season. The total trading volume of player cards (NFTs) reached an impressive 1,166,160 $KRIDA, demonstrating the vibrant marketplace activity on the platform.

Platform Improvements and Updates
Throughout the season, several key improvements and updates were implemented to enhance user experience:

  • Personalized Notification System: Users now receive tailored notifications, keeping them informed about crucial updates.
  • Save as Draft Option: This feature allows users to save their team configurations as drafts, making it easier to strategize and finalize their squads later.
  • Enhanced Player Information: Improved player data provides better insights for making informed decisions.
  • Engage-to-Earn Model: Mid-season, KridaFans transitioned from pay-to-earn to an engage-to-earn business model, which has been further refined. Stay tuned for an important message today regarding this enhancement.
  • Integrated Marketplace: The integration of the player-card marketplace within the team-building interface has led to a significant increase in the trading of player cards, allowing users to trade the cards without leaving their screens.

Engagement Metrics

Team Submissions and Participation Over Time

A total of 3,036 teams were submitted across 38 gameweeks of the Premier League. This represents a ~2x increase in participation compared to the previous season. Users have won over $100k worth of rewards, reflecting the high level of engagement and competition on the platform.

User Success Stories

The Premier League season on KridaFans was marked by exceptional performances, innovative strategies, and invaluable community support, all contributing to the platform's vibrant fantasy football ecosystem.

Top-Performing Fantasy Managers

Top Performers and Their Winnings

The standout fantasy manager of the season was "DannyPop," who amassed an impressive total of $5,155 in winnings. Another notable mention is user "My Name is Khan," who achieved the highest single gameweek score of 2,232.9 points in gameweek 34, showcasing remarkable strategic acumen.

Successful Strategies and Tips
The KridaFans community played a pivotal role in sharing successful strategies and tips throughout the season. The Discord server was a hub of activity where users exchanged valuable insights and alpha strategies to optimize their teams. Additionally, the Preview articles provided by KridaFans were instrumental in guiding users to maximize their points in each gameweek.

User Testimonials and Feedback
The positive feedback and testimonials from our users highlight the engaging and rewarding experience KridaFans offers. Here are a few testimonials from some of our top winners:

testimonial 1

These testimonials reflect the users' satisfaction and enthusiasm for KridaFans, emphasizing the platform's impact on their fantasy football journey.

By fostering a supportive community and offering strategic resources, KridaFans continues to empower fantasy managers to achieve success and enjoy the thrill of the game.

Financial and Technological Performance

This season, KridaFans achieved notable milestones in financial growth and technological innovation, significantly enhancing the platform's overall performance and user experience.

Financial Performance

Total Revenue($) Over Time

The financial performance of KridaFans this season showcased significant strides in revenue generation and strategic value creation for stakeholders, although some areas remain focused on achieving Product-Market Fit (PMF).

KridaFans generated a total revenue of $11,331.80, with approximately 16% of this revenue stemming from royalties earned through player card trading. This highlights the platform's ability to monetize its unique fantasy football ecosystem effectively.

While we haven't achieved positive returns for stakeholders this season, our primary focus remains on reaching Product-Market Fit. This foundational step is crucial for long-term success and value creation, ensuring that KridaFans meets the needs and expectations of its growing user base.

The introduction of the integrated marketplace significantly boosted the trading of player cards, accounting for 80% of the total royalties received. This feature not only enhanced user engagement but also drove financial performance by facilitating seamless trading experiences directly within the platform.

Overall, KridaFans is on a promising trajectory with clear growth in revenue and user engagement. Our continuous improvements and strategic updates are laying the groundwork for future financial success and stakeholder value creation.

Technological Advancements

The 2023-24 season saw KridaFans take significant leaps in technological advancements, enhancing the platform's functionality, user experience, and strategic position within the fantasy sports industry.

Major Technical Improvements
One of the most impactful technical advancements was the integration of the KridaPoints (KP) ecosystem. This initiative was a cornerstone of our shift towards an engage-to-earn model, consolidating user engagement activities.

Additionally, we streamlined the user experience by merging quests from Zealy and Galaxy onto the KridaFans platform, providing a more cohesive and user-friendly experience.

Innovations and Enhanced User Experience
We introduced ERC-721c NFTs, an improved NFT standard ensuring a minimum floor price for KridaFans NFTs. This innovation guarantees that users receive a minimum selling price, enhancing the value and security of their assets. Additionally, royalties are now bonded within the NFT contract, ensuring programmed and marketplace-independent transactions.

Another significant innovation was the integrated marketplace within the team-building window. This feature allows users to buy rare NFTs without leaving the context of their team-building activities, making the trading experience more seamless and efficient.

These technological advancements and future plans underscore our dedication to innovation and continuous improvement, ensuring that KridaFans remains at the forefront of the fantasy football industry.

Community and Partnerships

​At KridaFans, our community and strategic partnerships are the cornerstone of our growth and success. This season, we focused on strengthening our community ties and forging impactful collaborations to enhance the user experience and broaden our reach within the fantasy sports landscape.

Community-Building Activities
We successfully launched several exciting community campaigns this season, including "The KridaFans Visual Voyage: Banner Bonanza," "Krida Fans Discord Engagement Extravaganza," Season 1 of our KridaFans Ambassador Program, and various puzzle-solving events.
As part of KridaFans 2.0, we also introduced a Community Leader prize pool, distributing a whopping $5,000 to our dedicated KridaFans based on their engagement. These initiatives have significantly boosted community interaction and loyalty, creating a vibrant and supportive ecosystem.

Strategic Partnerships
During the last season, we forged several strategic partnerships that have greatly enriched the KridaFans experience. We hosted numerous Twitter Spaces sessions, engaging directly with our community and fostering deeper connections. Our notable partnerships included:

  • Web3Dubai: Partnering with Web3Dubai provided us with a gateway to a broader audience and deeper integration within the Web3 community.
  • Trikon: This partnership facilitated technological advancements and innovative features on our platform.
  • Good Games Guild: Through this collaboration, we were able to introduce our platform to a wider gaming audience, boosting user engagement and adoption.

These partnerships have not only expanded our reach but also contributed to the platform’s growth by bringing in diverse user bases and enhancing the overall user experience.

Challenges and Learnings

This season, we encountered several significant challenges, each of which provided valuable learning experiences:

  • Social Login UX for Mobile Application: We faced considerable delays in integrating a seamless social login experience for our mobile application. The challenge was mitigated by adopting the latest version of web3auth, which included deep link capabilities and custom updates specifically for Android APKs.
  • Extended NFT Standard - ERC 721c: Initially, we utilized an existing NFT standard, which proved cumbersome. The creation of a custom ERC 721c standard resulted in a more efficient, low-maintenance solution.

Lessons Learned and Insights Gained

  • Payment Preferences: It became evident that our users were comfortable paying with $KRIDA tokens rather than USDT. This insight led us to prioritize $KRIDA in our payment options.
  • User-Friendly Payment Process: Introducing the option for users to save their draft teams and complete payment later significantly reduced the dropout rate at the payment stage by 10%.

User feedback played a crucial role in shaping the platform. Notably, it guided us to develop a custom consolidated quests platform on KridaFans, moving away from the combination of Zealy and Galaxy. This change was driven by our commitment to enhancing user experience and streamlining platform operations.

Future Outlook

As we transition from an "engage-to-earn" model to our new "Play Free, Win Big!" approach, we remain committed to evolving based on user feedback and refining our platform to achieve product-market fit (PMF).

We are excited to announce the upcoming launch of our Android and iOS applications. These apps will enhance accessibility and user engagement, providing a more seamless and intuitive experience.

While our immediate strategy focuses on promoting the new model and assessing its impact, we are continuously exploring opportunities for growth and market expansion. Our approach will be adaptive, allowing us to pivot based on user response and market dynamics.


This season has been transformative for KridaFans. We welcomed 532 new users, totaling 3,459, with an average of 80 active users per gameweek. Transaction volumes reached 1,166,160 $KRIDA. Key platform improvements included a personalized notification system, an integrated NFT marketplace, and a revamped engage-to-earn model, significantly boosting user engagement.

We extend heartfelt gratitude to our community and investors. Your feedback has been invaluable in enhancing KridaFans. The successes of our top fantasy managers and robust participation across contests and events highlight the passion of our users.

Looking ahead, we invite you to stay engaged, explore the new "Play Free, Win Big!" model, and continue being an integral part of the KridaFans journey. Your participation and investment are crucial as we innovate and provide a premier fantasy football experience. Let's make the next season even more exciting and rewarding!

About KridaFans:

KridaFans is a pioneering fantasy soccer platform that rewards users based on their performance through a unique skill-based rarity of player cards, or NFTs.
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